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Litigation & Disputes

When you are faced with a legal crisis or uncertainty involving your family or loved ones, you need a reliable and experienced legal team to help you resolve the situation. Whether it is a dispute over a Will, a case of financial elder abuse, a refusal to probate a will, or a poorly drafted legal document that creates confusion and conflict, you can count on LSS Law to protect your rights and interests.

At LSS Law, we have the skills and knowledge to handle all types of litigation and court intervention related to estate planning and administration. We can represent you as an executor, trustee, or beneficiary, and help you navigate the complex legal issues that may arise. We can also defend you from any claims or challenges that may threaten your inheritance. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in equity and law, while handling your case with confidence and competence. We will provide you with personalized assistance and guidance to help you overcome any legal obstacles and secure your future. 

Services Provided

  • Undue Influence

  • Medicaid Fair Hearings

  • Elder Theft prevention

  • Disputed Guardianship 

  • Beneficiary Representation

  • Remediating wrongs by predatory home or service contractors.

More Information

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